…my name is Xenie Axamitova and I am a puppet maker from the Czech Republic, the country which has a very long tradition of puppetry since the 17th century.
I would like to introduce my own work and also the work of my colleagues and friends, who, like myself, have been making puppets professionally for many years. We would like to offer our work in our online store, too.
Our marionettes are handmade originals, some of them are handmade replicas. They are sold all over the world. Our puppets appeared on TV-shows, at theatrical performances and exhibitions. You can see our projects on Facebook – Axamarionettes.

If you want to get a unique original puppet, we offer a large selection in our online store.

If you want to decorate your home using something original, there are gypsum marionettes intended for such purpose.

If you want to create a puppet theater for your children to perform at, there are clay puppets which are much better than the gypsum one, because of the stronger material.

If you need marionettes for professional theatrical performance, we have them, or we can create them according to your wishes and needs.