The examples show our custom marionettes ordered for some special event. We really enjoy doing this work because our puppets got life and many people over the world can enjoy watching them in theatres, at the movies or in street performances.

There is a full spectrum of our work done in the last years.


Clay Marionettes

Wooden Marionettes

Hand Puppets

Custom Marionettes

Without Strings

Why wooden marionettes have their own value and are not always in stock

“Dolly” — a ballerina, finds herself in the difficult position of having broken strings. She wants to move gracefully, however she recognizes that many of her ‘strings’ are broken, and she struggles with simple gestures and movement. After several attempts, Dolly does stand up and even learns to dance again…

How we worked in Qatar for JeemTV – Uncle Mosleh’s Stories

Tonda made a lot of marionettes for Hurvinek performances. Some his great marionettes are offered in our e-shop.