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Monkey Puppet

I thoroughly enjoyed crafting this puppet, not only because it was the first monkey puppet, I'd ever made but also because it was intended for a charitable performance. The customer wanted it to closely resemble the monkey from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. I embraced the challenge and fulfilled her wish.

A Nameless Puppet

This puppet was designed upon the request of a Korean student studying in Moscow, who needed a puppet for a traditional Korean costume performance. The unique requirement was that the puppet's eyes had to move up, down, and sideways.

Marionettes Based on Movie Characters

These puppets were created upon the request of a customer from the United States, representing characters from his favorite movies. He displays them proudly in his studio, and our collaboration has grown into a lasting friendship. This is one of the rewarding aspects of my job—puppets aren't mere nameless items but unique creations with personal connections to their owners.

Puppets for a Private Theatre

These puppets were designed and sculpted by my friend, Adam, while I took care of the painting. They are now performing in a private home theater in the UK.