I could be your new friend

A puppet isn’t just an object on strings. It can be your new, loyal, dedicated friend who will assist you in developing your imagination, in building your new fantasy world, in creating your own unique story.

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My Story

I love puppets

My puppetry career began when I was five years old, and my father took me and my sister to a traditional Czech arts and crafts shop. There, I discovered a whole new world: marionettes. I immediately gravitated towards a witch puppet, while my sister chose a skeleton.

We perform on global stage

Many of our puppets became famous. In many different ways and in different parts of the world; on stage, on TV, in a film production. As a totally new character made to order or in a form of a miniature duplicate of a celebrity.
Czech Tradition

Learning from the best

Puppet theater production and marionette making truly encompass a comprehensive art form. This craft incorporates various disciplines such as acting, design, music, sculpting, and painting. It is a unique medium that has the power to reflect not only artistic creativity but also historical and cultural sentiments. Through its performances and characters, puppetry often mirrors the evolving spectrum of human struggle for survival and the multifaceted aspects of our existence.