I love theatre and children. It’s a superstition that I only eat Little Red Riding Hood.





You all know me from Little Red Riding Hood. I didn’t play a very good part there. And I wasn’t too happy about the ending of the fairy tale. I’d much rather play a positive hero. I like to walk in the woods and I also like to observe people and their stories. To please them, I got myself a cool coat and a nice pair of pants. No one would have to be afraid of me anymore, right?
Because I’m a good guy to the bone.


Each puppet is a unique original, carved, hand-painted by oil colors and hand-sewn. There will be slight differences, character of marionette will be kept.


It is a professional marionette for beginners and advanced puppeteers. Easy to control and perform with it.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Body material


Face, hands, feet material




Puppet weight

1 pound


16 in

Operating device



oil colors

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