Margo is a smart and fun companion. You will definitely not be bored with it.

This puppet is intended for professional theater.

It can also be great for beginners because it has perfect technology.



Precisely carved marionette on the highest level.

This marionette is intended for professional theatre performances. It can be valued part of your collection.

It was carved by one of the best Czech carvers. He has been creating puppets for more than 40 years. His marionettes are in Czech theaters and museums. They are understandably popular among marionette collectors.

It is a good investment, because the price of this puppet will grow with time.
It has the signature on the feet.

Each puppet is a unique original, hand-carved and hand-painted. There will be slight deviations from the puppet picture shown on the page.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

Linden wood


oil colors

Operating device



40 cm/16 in

Puppet weight

0.5 lb

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