"Love" - The Dog Puppet

I designed this puppet for a customer from Costa Rica named Gibdel, a rescue worker. He envisioned this puppet as a means of connecting with children who had experienced the trauma of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. In areas where the native children didn't speak Spanish, this four-legged puppet named “Love” helped them momentarily forget their distressing memories. Over time, Gibdel and I became long-distance friends. We named the dog “Love” as a nod to the Czech word “Láska,” which means love. This puppet thus spreads love in two ways—through its affectionate nature and its name.

The Skeleton Puppet

Created for a Halloween street-artist, this puppet had to be detailed, as per the order. Its jaw not only moved up and down but also forward and backward. Its eyes moved, and its hat rose and fell. Four of us worked on it together, and the customer was delighted with the result.

Jewish Lady

This puppet was made for a teacher and theatre maker based in Ireland. He wished to incorporate puppets into his educational work and therefore developed an educational workshop that explores the story of a Jewish woman who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II.

He liked the female marionettes on our website, some of which evoke a sense of gentle sadness and grief. His wish was to create a figure of a Jewish woman - a mother in her thirties with a somewhat sad/ sorrowful expression on her face. She was to be dressed in simple looking dark clothing.

This project resonated with me personally and artistically. The goal of the workshop was to tell the story of real women who lived, loved and suffered and who left no trace except in the memory of those who wish to remember their tragic fate. This puppet meant and represented much more to me than just a wooden puppet.