Mosleh's Stories

Barae TV in Qatar produced three series of Mosleh's Stories. Each series consisted of 30 episodes, introducing fairy tales from around the world to Arab children.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with this TV company on the second and third series. Each episode featured a different fairy tale, which required creating numerous puppets of people and animals. For the first series, we made 29 puppets, and an additional 10 for the second series.

The main character was a carver who narrated these fairy tales to two small children and a bird, and these children were a part of every episode. Fortunately, the costumes for these characters were produced in Qatar, and there were approximately 120 costumes needed for each series.

I had the pleasure of participating in the filming process. My role involved preparing the puppets for various scenes, which included changing their costumes, adding or removing wigs, and ensuring they were ready for their on-screen appearances. It was a demanding but rewarding job, and I look back on the experience with fond memories.
There are three videos on Youtube about this project