Usain Bolt and Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) approached me with a request to create a puppet of Usain Bolt. This puppet traveled with a TV crew to Moscow, where it had the opportunity to interact with ordinary people and fans on the street.
About a year later, I received a commission to design a puppet of Ole Einar Bjørndalen, the Norwegian King of Biathlon. There was a special requirement for this marionette: the rifle on its back and the ski boots, along with the skis, had to be removable. This allowed the puppet to ski and walk. I attached additional, nearly invisible threads to the skis to prevent them from separating and crossing each other. However, I overlooked informing the film crew about this special modification. Unaware of this unique feature, they accidentally cut the lines and had to painstakingly reattach them to make the puppet work correctly.


I was contacted by director Jorge Harrington with a unique request to create a puppet for his new horror film. The puppet needed to resemble Robin Hood but have the face of a mummy. It was intended for specific scenes where it would hold a knife to attack the main character and, in another scene, shoot arrows from a crossbow. To facilitate this, I embedded magnets in both of its palms so that the knife and arrows could easily attach to them. Towards the end of the film, the puppet was supposed to burn down, and its owner would then begin to repair it. Consequently, a replacement head was crafted specifically for this scene.

Puppets For A Movie

These puppets were featured in a movie shot in Egypt with a poignant storyline. The plot revolved around a father and daughter living happily until the little girl fell ill. The larger puppet represented a magical fairy from a different world who appeared to comfort the ailing girl, promising to take her to a painless realm. In the film's finale, the little girl transformed into a puppet and departed with the fairy. Unfortunately, the film production was halted and never resumed.