Bead Mermaid marionette can take you to the deep sea fantasy, where you can swim with her and meet all her kingdom’s creatures. Let yourself be carried away on the waves of a fairy tale.

This marionette is intended for advanced puppeteers, but if you have will and want to learn to play with marionettes after few days of exercise you will progress and play well.


This puppet can be used for professional or amateur performance, as part of your collection or just as an interesting decoration for your home.

Each puppet is a unique original, carved, hand-painted and hand-sewn, so there will be slight deviations from the puppet picture shown on the page.

Do you want to make your own family puppet theatre?
Do you want to play with marionettes?
Do you want to give your friend or somebody you love an original present?
Or do you want to just enjoy your own puppet?

Choose this original Mermaid marionette!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Body material

linden wood



Operating device



Acrylic colors

Puppet weight

2 lb


21 in

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