This wooden Figure is a fully balanced and movable string puppet for short video shoots, training and playing.

E-learning videos of how to operate this marionette are included.

Figure Marionette

If you’ve never experienced the marionette playing, don’t worry! We have prepared series of video coursed of how to play with this marionette, which comes together in one package with the actual puppet. You can learn how to operate the body language and to express any feeling just by a gesture or a head movement.

We took advantage of having natural resources of lime wood, rather than using a plastic mass production. And why is that? Well, once your Figure becomes really old (It can last for generations), you can simply leave it outside and it will never cause any damage to our Mother Earth.

People have been using puppets to share experiences and ideas for thousands of years.
Playing with our Figure marionette puppet gives you the ability to create a new personality with unlimited character features within seconds. Make your Figure to do and say whatever you want to, because this play doesn’t have any rules. This marionette is simply like a newborn baby!

Weight 4 lbs

Puppet weight


Operating device