I’m a little girl with a red hat. Every kid probably knows me. I know it was a mistake to tell the wolf where my grandmother lives, but as you all know, luckily it all worked out.


My story about the walk in the woods is very familiar. But not many people know my other stories. Like the one where I ended up making friends with another wolf. He became my loyal friend and walking in the woods has been safe for me ever since. No one knows how many interesting adventures we’ve had together.


Each puppet is a unique original, carved, hand-painted by oil colors and hand-sewn. There will be slight differences, character of marionette will be kept.


It is a professional marionette for beginners and advanced puppeteers. Easy to control and perform with it.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

40 cm/16 in

Operating device



oil colors

Puppet weight

1 pound


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