Antique collection of Marionettes


A beautiful collection of antique puppets is an excellent investment. Since it is sold whole, the price of one puppet is less than $950. The actual value of one puppet is in the range of $1,500 – $2,500.

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A beautiful and unique collection of 55 wooden marionettes from the workshop of the important Czech puppeteer MÜNZBERG, who specialised in the production of family theatres in the 1920s. He collaborated with important Czech artists and carvers and with students of the Academy of Fine Arts.
These are 100 year old puppets that have never been performed on the theatre and are therefore in perfect condition. The collection also includes 43 spare heads and accessories for the puppets – jewelry, headgear, weapons, etc.
The marionettes are 45 cm to 55 cm tall, carved from lime wood.
This collection is now for sale. Only as a whole.
It would be a shame to sell off the puppets individually.
Weight 66 lbs

Oil colors


Linden wood and fabric


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