Do you want to make your own family puppet theatre?
Do you want to play with marionettes?
Do you want to give your friend or somebody you love an original present? 
Or do you want to just enjoy your own puppet?
Visit our shop and choose the right character and type!

  • Clay Puppets

    Clay Puppets (55)

    Clay puppets are a good compromise of gypsum and wooden ones. Their price is more friendly than that of the wooden ones and the material is much stronger than gypsum. They are not heavy because we use a technology to make them hollow inside. The puppets are painted using oil or acrylic colors.
  • Custom Marionettes

    Custom Marionettes (1)

    We make custom marionettes. Whatever your dream can live!
  • Gypsum Marionettes

    Gypsum Marionettes (14)

    If you want to decorate your home using something original, there are gypsum marionettes intended for such purpose.
  • Special offer

    Special offer (20)

    Great buy - special low prices on selected wooden marionettes and clay puppets. Don't miss a unique chance to pay even less for your favorite puppet. Take advantage of this limited time offer - make your purchase now.
  • Without Strings

    Without Strings (18)

    For those who are afraid of strings we have something what to offer.
  • Wooden Marionettes

    Wooden Marionettes (43)

    Wooden marionettes are mostly intended for professionals. They are good for both beginners and advanced puppeteers. The value of wooden marionettes grows with their age, so it is also a good investment.
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