• Clay Puppets

    Clay Puppets (57)

    Ceramic puppets offer an advantage over their plaster counterparts as they are less fragile. In contrast to wooden puppets, they are also more budget-friendly. These puppets are hollow inside, making them lightweight, and older children can control them with ease. They can also serve as beautiful decorations for your home and are ideal for amateur or home theaters. However, it's…
  • Custom Marionettes

    Custom Marionettes (1)

    We make custom marionettes. Whatever your dream can live!
  • Gypsum Marionettes

    Gypsum Marionettes (41)

    If you want to decorate your home using something original, there are gypsum marionettes intended for such purpose.
  • Hand Puppets

    Hand Puppets (32)

    A hand puppet is a type of puppet that is controlled by the hand or hands that occupies the interior of the puppet. Glove puppets are a variation of hand puppets.
  • Special offer

    Special offer (20)

    Great buy - special low prices on selected wooden marionettes and clay puppets. Don't miss a unique chance to pay even less for your favorite puppet. Take advantage of this limited time offer - make your purchase now.
  • Spejbl and Hurvinek

    Spejbl and Hurvinek (16)

    Spejbl and Hurvínek /s-payble & hoor-vee-neck/ is a Czech puppet comedy duo. The characters were conceived by Czech puppeteer prof. Josef Skupa. Throughout the years the two characters have gained international success. They have released many comedy albums, and had their own television show. Each album usually contains one story, about the dim-witted father Josef Spejbl, and his son Hurvínek,…
  • Theatres

    Theatres (2)

    Have you ever dreamed about having your own puppet theatre? This is your chance to get your first one. To do your performance you can easily put together a stage that takes little space and then as easily take it apart.
  • Without Strings

    Without Strings (18)

    For those who are afraid of strings we have something what to offer.
  • Wooden Marionettes

    Wooden Marionettes (47)

    Each marionette represents countless hours of dedicated craftsmanship. These are not creations that can be rushed or mass-produced on an assembly line. Crafting marionettes demands time, imagination, and patience. Each unique and original piece is a reflection of years of practice and experience. These marionettes are primarily designed for advanced and professional puppeteers, but anyone with the desire and determination…